Dettol Original Hand Wash Liquid Refill. Dettol is one of the worlds most trusted antiseptic protection brand which gives you 99.99% protection against disease-causing bacteria and germs. Their liquid handwash protects you from 100 illness-causing germs. This multi-purpose liquid is ideal for personal and home hygiene.
That being said, these foaming hand wash isjust liquid hand wash + water diluted… I stocked Dettol one when Coles put on 50% and now not available even on full price. Looks like people are taking bath instead of using it for hand wash ;) I didn't do panic buying as was thinking the stock will...
alcohol(denatured) surface disinfectant spray. dettol disinfectant spray protects your family from illness causing bacteria and viruses. it also eliminates odour causing bacteria and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance.
Dettol Foam Hand Wash is Soft on Skin, Hard on Germs. The care and protection from germs that your family deserves to help keep your hands healthy. Dettol antibacterial formula effectively washes away germs and is also soft on the skin. Suitable for everyday use. Dermatologically tested.