NaOH. The NaOH solution was standardized against oxalic acid dihydrate, H2C2O4 * 2 H2O (molecular weight: 126.066 gram mol-1). The volume of NaOH solution required to neutralize 1.2596 grams of oxalic acid dihydrate was 41.24 milliliters. (a) Calculate the molarity of the NaOH solution. M = 0.4846 M
Solution Strong, Weak, or Non 0.10 M HCl 0.10 M NaOH mixture: HCl + NaOH 0.10 M CH3COOH 0.10 M NH3 mixture: CH3COOH + NH3 2. Place 10 mL each of 0.10 M H2SO4 and 0.10 M Ba(OH)2 in two 25-mL beakers. Test each solution for conductivity. Add one drop of bromothymol blue indicator to the H2SO4 solution.
Jun 21, 2017 · Acids and bases react in Equivalents. So Normality of H2SO4 = Molarity x 2. So 1 M H2SO4= 1 x 2= 2N. Normality bof NaOH=Molarity x 1. So Normality of NaOH= 1 x 1= 1N So 1 ml.of 2N (1M) H2SO4 is required to neutralise 2 ml.of 1 N (1M) NaOH.
4.50 moles HCl 1 L solution Example: How many milliliters of a 4.50 M HCl solution will provide 1.13 moles of HCl? Answer: 1.13 moles of HCl x 1 L solution 4.50 moles HCl x 1000 mL solution 1 L solution =251 mL of HCl solution Calculating the quantity of a reactant or product for a chemical reaction in solution