However the Mayan left powerful symbols of their unique and little known culture, which outlived the destruction of their conquerors- Symbols that signify ancient and mysterious Mayans believed the symbol of the Eagle if focused upon, could even bring strong telepathic and other ancient powers.
There is now compelling documentary and historical evidence bearing on the question of why and how the “breaking of the Maya code” was the achievement of Yuri V. Knorosov―a Soviet citizen totally isolated behind the Iron Curtain―and not of the leading Maya scholar of his day, Sir Eric Thompson.
THE Maya Goddess of Love. The Goddess Ixchel /Xochiquetzal Ixchel, "Lady Rainbow" and the wife of the supreme Mayan deity, was the Mother Goddess, the Goddess of the Moon, and the Goddess of Medicine. Over the ages, her roles changed and she was transformed by time and adopted by t
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