Icecr released some great faces for NBA 2K14 during June. From Nick Van Exel to Magic Johnson. From Horace Grant to Eddie Jones. Great quality cyber faces for those still playing one of the best games of the NBA 2K series. Get them from our Download Center.
Улучшение графики для NBA 2K14.
《NBA 2K13》的继任者《NBA 2K14》将在今年10月1日正式上市。 与此同时,Take-Two刚刚从THQ手中买下的摔跤游戏品牌《WWE》系列新作也将交由2K 虽然《NBA 2K14》的即将到来不免会让广大篮球迷感到兴奋,但遗憾的是,洛杉矶湖人队当家球星科比·布莱恩特...
May 31, 2014 · Were the 2016-2017 Cleveland Cavaliers one of the most STACKED offensive rosters in NBA HISTORY ? Stephen Curry's 2020 Milestones: 2nd All-Time Leading Scorer In Golden State Warriors History And His 2,500th 3-Pointer Made?